It Is For Me, It Is For You- A Christmas Story

It Is For Me, It Is For You,  A Christmas Story

You knew your purpose before You came,

Yet you still came


She knew her purpose would not be beautiful


Or Lovely to the human eye

Yet still proceeded


For the carnal men on earth choose not to understand

They opt for blindness to things which come from Heaven

For that which comes from Heaven

Comes in secret places

And Whispers


You hold-

And gave to the one who carried You

So she could hold

So we could hold

The Power to reign in life and the

Gift of Forever



The strength of the mother, not to hide her baby

Knowing he would hang on the Cross

What strength – not persuade your child to do what you want for them

But to do what He wants for them

To cultivate

All the while knowing…

To fulfill a destiny

Personally written for you

To provide a path

To walk it out


Born to die

Born for Life

A Gift Evermore

A Gift Everlasting

A Gift Everthine

A Gift Evertrue



So this Christmas season

I make it my vow

Your Birth for me will be what it’s meant to be

To know my purpose, to accept my purpose

Which may be hideously ugly to men on earth

But beautifully  shining bright to Angels in Heaven


-To use Your Power

To walk out my purpose

What was personally written for me

Will be

I unwrap the Gift

I Receive!

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