To Find Me

I was almost startled as I saw my reflection in the mirror

As I passed, I took my earrings off  & looked at the reflection staring back at me…

Who is this beautiful girl?

See by the end of some days, I barely recognize myself…

I feel as if I’m trudging through & when I saw my reflection…

Taking off my earrings

Almost as if in slow motion, I thought

I’m removing the costume.

For my appearance did not reflect the heaviness I carried.


All smiles throughout the day…

Hello to this one & that one…doin what I gotta do…

But today, the fog was so thick.

Sometimes I feel I can’t keep up with this rat race

To get this one here, that one there…

& then magically transform…into…into what?


Sometimes, I really hope I don’t forget who I am.


On days like this, I begin to hear her

The one who came before me

Grandmother Little Pigeon, my father’s mother…

She whispered to me before she exited

In the wind that past my ear

Although I was inside

She knew then, I would need her now.


I hear her coo-

I asked- Do you hear that?

No is the response.

She is encouraging me, when I can’t encourage myself.

For I know she was strong

So what must I be then?


I see her in passing…

In a mirror

A window

& I say- I know her….


See, she is I

& I begin again.



About msladykk

Welcome to my world of deep thought where I am the butterfly & so are you! I am just a girl in a woman's body who still wonders & dreams while passing through existence in days; picking up a few lessons here & there I want to share. What about you?
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