I’m stepping in

And trudging through

I see the goal so clearly

The Vision is so clear

I know what is to come

But my anxiousness holds me

I choose to RELEASE!

I want the Gifts to unfold the manifestation

& Sometimes I wished I couldn’t see it

But You made me this way

Knowing if I couldn’t see it

I may not choose to be it

I’m running now

Because I want this so bad

As bad as You want it for me

I’m stepping in!


I’m stepping into My Greatness

Which is not your greatness

To each his own


I’m stepping into the one created for ME

Not the one created for you

So please don’t get it twisted

Just because it doesn’t look like yours

Because the path that leads there

Isn’t marked with your signs

Doesn’t mean it’s not there

Or that it’s not right, FOR ME

Yours is yours

Mine is mine

Each one, such beautiful journey’s


I’m stepping in

& Making waves

You’re stepping in & making moves

The energy is electric!

The time is NOW

We are connected, but we are not


All of Before has led to this moment

Not THE moment

But THIS moment

The second we put one foot in front of the other

Taking the last two steps you spoke of

& The first two steps I speak of


The last two steps of Before

& The first two steps of Now


I’m stepping in

You’re stepping in

We’re stepping into



About msladykk

Welcome to my world of deep thought where I am the butterfly & so are you! I am just a girl in a woman's body who still wonders & dreams while passing through existence in days; picking up a few lessons here & there I want to share. What about you?
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